Sunday, October 31, 2010

Entry into the Art Zone

Abstract man

Please don't laugh! Although I am surrounded by very talented artists I have not been blessed with the gift of drawing or painting but have always been fascinated with the concepts so I thought, "what the heck" I'm just going to have a go and see what I can here it is. Now please keep in mind that I have no idea what the rules are when it comes to painting, but I really loved using these colours and had a rally grand time painting this.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Lovely Things

Shells I  use to hold my sea salt in

Unfinished business

Fruit of the Gods

Possum skull

Favourite addition, Nutmeg

Life's not the same without garlic!

Ling-ling (nick-name for my boy) made this for MOI

Recently we have had visitors, who have now since left and this week was about re-freshing the house and stocking it back up with lots of the basics again. I sorted out my dry pantry which needed restocking, cleaned out the fridge and put lots of my favourite items out around the house....mostly little reminders of trips, fun, love and living.

Friday, October 29, 2010





 Happy Hour came for me this week when I begin purchasing fabric for my quilt collection that I'm going to begin in a few weeks time after I have finished my "furniture" projects. My daughter, Avalon helped me with the choices as she has very particular colours and patterns that she likes. I've stacked them ever so neatly in my linen cupboard and I can't stop looking at them as I walk by!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Watch Out Wardrobe, Here I Come

I lined with fabric from IKEA

Tan Leather Bag

I added the fabric pocket on top of original pocket of jacet

 A few months ago now I was in one of  THOSE moods where I just had to chop something up, (apart from vegies!) and I raided my wardrobe. I came across a Vintage Leather Jacket that I always loved the colour of but it never really fitted me properly. The leather was so very soft. I was previously inspired by a girlfriend of mine who had just been on Safari in Africa and she had this amazing bag which I drew inspriration needless to say out come the scissors and fabric that I had already bought from IKEA and away I went.

Monday, October 25, 2010

In My Travels

Tiniest part of  Lake Louise, Canada,  scrapped away for ice skating.

The Rudster

I covet these

In foyer of Chateau, Lake Louise

For our 19th Anniversary just this past February we took our family away to The States and Canada. Over the next few weeks I'd like to share my favourite places. Lake Louise was one of those. Me being me, I love the extremes and having been raised an Aussie Gal I have experienced heat but never the cold in the extreme until our recent visit to Canada which even in Spring can be very, very cold, but I loved it. How couldn't you? Not only do you have this amazing ice and snow, there is no need to be "held" up inside as there are so many activities to be had. We enjoyed ice skating, dog sledding, tobagganing, skiing, hot-tubbing, ski-doos in the back country and cross country skiing. It was so invigorating and I love the feeling of being challenged and taken out of my comfort zone....something to do with the unknown I suppose! Anyways, if you have similar experiences and places you would like to share I would love to see them....As the saying goes, "The World is Our Oyster" to explore.

Rehashed Jacket

Rehashed Jacket

Strips of fabric sown on, I love the random threads

X marks the spot

A few years ago I grew tired of this jacket and in my madness that sometimes appears, I decided to add shredded strips of fabric to the back to re-invent the look which encouraged me not to waste a lovely velour jacket. Shredded fabric is so liberating...I recommend it to everyone. I once shredded some red chiffon and used it replicate a pocket on some trusty trackies and they looked really hooty. Give it a go!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Spring Sensations

Roast Beetroot Salad

With the onset of Spring out comes the BBQ and all things DIVINE! Our family loves to BBQ...hence I'm always needing ideas for delicious salads. Here is an old one of mine but a goodie!

Roast a few bunches of Beetroot.... ( You can cheat and use Golden Circle canned beetroot which is just as good just a little sweeter) but try roasting first it's really delicious!
1 Punnet of Cherry Tomatoes
Bunch of Mint
Bunch of Basil
4 Cloves of Garlic
Bunch of Spring Onions
Drizzle of Olive Oil
Drizzle of Red Wine Vinegar
Pinch of Sugar
Pinch of Salt
Grind of Pepper

Enjoy, it's so refreshing!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Happy Hour Sabotaged by Monkeys

My Little Monkeys, aged 12 and 14 have used up all of my download usage so My Happy Hour will be postponed till tomorrow when plan is upgraded! Till then......

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Creative Space


It's place in the Sitting Room

This morning I woke early and stitched the last few stitches into the fabric on the side seam to finish off my chair. I'm quite happy with the outcome as this year and next are about travelling The World with our children and not spending big dollars on "things." I picked the chair up for a few dollars and the fabric was around the $15 dollar mark so we have a great chair with good springs, nice and solid for under $20. Time to enjoy the extra seat in the house now.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Spurred On

Tray mobile's new home

My favourite soap

Necessities homed here

In it's current state

With the arrival of Spring I've decided to revamp my laundry. You see it's one of those awkward rooms where the bathroom houses the toilet and yes, The Laundry. Until recently I have had my dryer in there for practical reasons but now that the warm air has arrived I have moved it out and replaced it with a tray mobile that I found at the op-shop last week. It needs some lovely care and probably a few coats of paint but with visitors here this week that will be put on hold for a wee while. I'll be sure to post revamped version in a few weeks. Any suggestions? Should I leave it as it is and just de-rust the wheels or should I paint it white? Would love you input?

Beauty Abounds

Seemsing this is our first Spring in The Adelaide Hills we are discovering so many beautiful botanical species on our property. Today I took a stroll around and as I always love to bring the outside in I did a few lovely arrangements for the house.

Crab Apple Blossom
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