Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

a glimpse

So Avalon's EP is well underway with 6 of her original songs being recorded and completed by month's end. The pics are a sample for EP cover's and one features on her website.

Monday, November 7, 2011


It seems Kevin, our new addition to our magpie family got himself a little too vocal and excited at feeding time this morning that he shed a few of his baby feathers. I was rather delighted as I am a "nutter" of all things natural and it will add to my collection.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

a day of fruit cake, flowers, cardboard boxes, packing....

Today was a jam-packed day as most days are lately at our place. As always time for life's luxuries in between the chaos, yummy fruit cake, time to wander in the garden and cut flowers, rearrange the bathroom.
Then down to the business end of things, washing my collection of vases before they go into boxes, sorting, chucking, sorting chucking, then a night out with friends and a little too much time discussing aged whiskey!

Friday, November 4, 2011

hang on a minute....

So much has happened in the last few hours I'm super excited and on a high! Avalon recorded her first original song today that she wrote the music and lyrics too. More on that later as we need to register the song before we put it "out there".

Kyland and Avalon have had invites from their friends in Melbourne to go on 3 trips next year. I've just booked tickets for them go to Sydney in the summer holidays, snowboarding in Japan is pending confirmation and the New Zealand boarding trip is booked.We haven't even moved to Melbourne yet, and it's full steam ahead. By the way Rudy and I aren't's going to be kind of strange, but in a fabulously strange way for all of us! I mentioned being spontaneous in my last post, but didn't realise I would be doing all of this within a few hours. My head is spinning, and that's not just the Havana Rum!

I have a feeling this is going to be a GREAT move in more
ways than one.

 The boys are already planning on how to set off an avalache when they head up the mountain!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


The word, "gypsy"has been put out there alot around us of late. I rather like it! Apparently before we first arrived people were anticipating the arrival of a "hippie, gypsy"family moving in which we found quite amusing! You see we have spent time with the real gypsies in the past. Our first encounter was on our honeymoon in '91 in New Zealand. We spent 8 weeks backpacking around the islands and met some eccentric gypsies who opened our eyes up to the world in more ways than one! We spent our time sleeping in our little tent below surrounded by these fabulous homes on wheels. I remember not even having a mattress to sleep on. I had a beautiful olive green wool coat and a swandri which I would lay on the ground each night and sleep on! We lived on pumpkin and corn, and drank who knows what from our newly aquainted neighbours. I remember drinking home-made syrup like concoctions, divine in flavour with a powerful punch indeed and eating chocolate fudge with a little extra something else in them around the campfires at night. 

Crossing the Cook Strait

at dawn

We would swim everyday as we are sea creatures really and adore water of any type as long as it is blue or green in colour that is, hence the need for a sea-change in a few weeks. It's just S.L.O.W.L.Y
hit me today that I'm moving to be by the beach. I can smell the sea spray already! Happy Days!!
Hope you all have a great, spontaneous weekend and let your hair down! xx


Adventure means risking something. And it's only when we are doing that, we know what a splendid thing LIFE is and how well it can be lived.

                                                           Hope you are doing just so!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

might have to make these mine...

Aren't these sea green danish chairs just divine and the colour of this floor is just what I am seeking to find?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

dutch artist paula leen

Lisa Fontanarosa's collection including this amazing vase

Linen Pouf

Merino Wool Rug


Fairytale curtain

Felt square wall hanging

Sunday, October 16, 2011

enough already...

This is my 6th day under "house arrest" with the flu...enough already. I'm not good at staying in bed during the day but I've had no choice with this bug. It's really NASTY!

I've read 3 novels, watched more TV than I care for, although loved watching "Come fly with me." It's a must see 1960's movie set in Paris and Vienna.

Although my room is my haven and I'm am surrounded by beautiful things including the Mr. it's time to evacuate and spend some time....mmmmm.....let's see in the lounge room perhaps. Think I am ready for that today considering the All Blacks are playing and it's going to be an absolute cracker.

I'm now a week behind on these which are due in 2 weeks and need to be submitted as Working Drawings on the drafting board, but when I'm not sure?? Really need my head screwed on correctly for these.

I have dates with Kasper, Nessy and a sewing session with Miss Patton coming up too so could someone please send me the get better real quick fairy!? I treasure my time with the gals....

Thank you to all of my lovely friends and mumma for all of the yummy soup and for looking after my family with home-cooked meals. You are gems and we have been very spoilt.

                      So here's to Richie and the boys who are going to whip the Wallabies, an afternoon of interstate and overseas phone calls and to the week ahead....looking forward to the warmth, sunshine and life!
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