Monday, January 31, 2011

what a difference a year makes

Today I put my washing on the line at 7 and it was dry by 8. I forgot how quickly the washing can dry in this sunburnt country of ours. I'm not complaining.....was great to have it folded by 10 and put away.


You see, winters in Central Otago can be brutal. This is called a hoar frost. A spectacular phenomenon. When the sun hit this it displays all the colours of the rainbow. It was obviously not an easy task trying to get the washing to dry and my home would be like a Chinese Laundry for 6 months of the year and the clothesline would resemble a majestic piece of art!

 I do miss it though....especially when we are in our 3rd day over 40 degrees.........................

Somehow this is much more exciting, exhiliarating and playful! Wouldn't you agree?
Okay, I feel a spiral coming on.......

Sunday, January 30, 2011

learning the art of jewelry making

Jewelry artists, Charmayne and Ingrid are holding their annual Summer Silver Retreat in Hawkes Bay, Haumoana, Hawkes Bay, NZ and I think I may have to be there. It's one of those "must do's" on my long list. This year is going to be about fulfilling some of my passions and dipping my feet in the water, so to speak in a variety of past-times.

They will be providing tuiton in the creation of silver jewelry using precious metal clay which is one of my all time favourites as it resembles platinum but is a little more matte and varies in tone.

Friday, January 28, 2011

to market to market

Off to my favourite place in Adelaide market, to market to buy a fat pig, home again, home again, jiggittie jig! The Central Market that is. And musn't forget coffee at long, farewell,, I'll see you all tomorrow....(breaking into song and dance)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

at my place

Even though it's only Ky and I at home today there has been such a hype of activity and buzziness in the house and boy have we been having fun! Ky started another painting's his version of a tree.

On my recent trip to Melbourne a girlfriend of mine asked if I could make a bag for her from a jacket that her Dad gave to her husband to wear many moons ago but it wasn't getting worn much. I was very excited and nervous about my first custom order. I didn't realise how nerve-racking it would be cutting into this jacket as all I could see was her Dad's face and thinking about all the places he would have worn it but it was a job that HAD to be done.

 I thought I would try something a little different for Candice and used a Christian Dior belt as a strap as I know she would appreciate a little "bling". It's a very soft belt that I have had saved for few months for a special piece. That's the best part about having a stash of goodies to rummage through, the excitement of finding the perfect piece for each individual bag.

This bag I made recently is a woolen bag from a queen sized blanket which has felt like an endless piece of never ending delight! You know that Tim Tam ad when you take one and the whole packet fills up again. It was kind of like that. I kept cutting into it but it never went down in size. I still have heaps left after cutting out 4 large bags. This one I attached a crochet tablecloth onto and I love it to bits and have used it almost everyday since making. I love the smell of the wool and the weight of it as well.

Here is Candice's second bag. She doesn't know it yet but I didn't want to waste an inch of her Dad's jacket so I created this patchworkish bag for her out of leather, suede and woven fabric.

Well, they will be off in the post tomorrow and I can't wait to see what her reaction will be! I hoped she is PLEASED!

This one Ky has just started and apparently it is going to be Mexican inspired!
So that's what's happening at my place...along with a gorgeous Iced French Vanilla Cappucino that Ky and I have just put together to enjoy. What's happening at yours?

Monday, January 24, 2011

this week's word


My word for the week is "sojourners." "Living as temporary residents." It was a word that I heard over the weekend and it was so very refreshing and liberating and one that sits with me very well.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


When Wendy and and I get together.....we do the silliest things!
Have you ever had a girlfriend ........

                                                    Who can make you laugh ever so loudly ?

Who you can play with for endless hours?

Who spurs you to act a little crazy at times?

I hope you do...............................

Sunday, January 16, 2011


          A seed was recently planted when we caught up with friends of ours who have been serving in Mazatlan, Mexico for a year. We were so intrigued and excited as they recounted all of their experiences and they could see how much our kids eyes were lighting up so much so that we knew there would be no turning back for us once this thought was planted and now it is starting to grow! The wheels are in motion....a little ways down the track so the saying goes but nonetheless in the pipeline! It's called the Pearl of the Pacific, along with it's many wondrous delights are also those of impracticalities like not being able to open your eyes and mouth whilst showering due to the contaminated water and before eating any fruits or vegetables you must wash them in iodine but throwing caution to the wind we think the experience will be enriching and a fabulous grounding for our younglings and US! Does anyone want to join us on our adventure?


One of the bonuses is that the quarter in which we will go to we can get by on little Spanish as the primary language is English which will be a great introduction to us as foreigners.

Friday, January 14, 2011


       My brother spoilt me with these today from his's a no brainer what's for tea tonite!

                                       My favourite, Ratatouille with Parmesan encrusted Polenta.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

our dayz at mount martha

Our days at Mount Martha were ones of great relaxation and recharging.

No time constrants or places to be!

Lazy afternoons sipping gin and tonic

Watching the sun sets we have ever so missed seeing

What a fabulous place to b

Many hours spent in the kitchen by all!

And admiring Deb's beautiful things.

                                           A day in Melbourne central didn't go astray either.

                                                          We ate our way around the city.

And adopted a new daughter along the way! Hey Hannah.x

We'll be back soon...until then..............
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