Monday, February 21, 2011

Where's our summer?

Any wool jersey would do for this little number

Stunning skirt, easy band on top and fabulous split

She's too cool for school!

And this colour combo is just divine, wouldn't you say?

Okay gals....I know it is still summer and all but it has been a tad frezzerling lately and I couldn't help but think about winter fashion and what maybe in store for us. This is what I found.....very inspirational! For more check out

Sunday, February 6, 2011

This week I'm

Okay, so my mind is running at a speed of a trillion, zillion miles an hour with ideas so much so that I am "bursting at the seams!" You see, my to do list is so very long with things that I absolutely must do this week, BORING, MUNDANE things, but me being me needs to maintain my relationship with my gals know how it is!

So I've promised myself that I will make one of these outfits which I need for Autumn as my wardrobe is rather sad at the moment. I already have the fabric for this dress and the cardie just need to buy the stockings and shoes. Love the chocolate and caramel combo.


This is gorgeous isn't it. I'm on the lookout at the op-shops for the dress which I will chop and add the bottom section too. Shouldn't be too difficult to rehash this one. Loving how the front being a little higher adds a little bit of interest.

 Okay, this one is a different story. I bought these boots last spring but the fabric I can't find anywhere. I really want to add green to my wardrobe but it's so hard to find so I'm thinking that I may have to dye some simple t-shirting to gets this desired effect. It COULD be a lot of fun.....just need to get my head around the olive shadings and the more aqua shadings below but I'm getting there! Sewing them together will be simple as it's very basic. Do you think I should dye first then cut out or cut out and then dye? Suggestions please...

I can't pull this one off as her legs are very thin but I do love the cardie with the square pockets and trimming and the peasant woolen blousie, thingamejing underneath "works a treat".


 Okay, it' not the hair I'm going for but the skirt! I have been searching for this particular skirt and can't find it and don't want to make it as it will be really tricky. Anyone want to do it for me ?! (said in jest of course) What was that I see???? Was that you Wendy putting your hand up ever so eagerly up in the air!

Thanks for listening to my jibber....really needed to unload that. I feel a hundred times lighter already.

What are you up to this week?

Friday, February 4, 2011

my bedside tables

Thought I would play along this morning with "What's on your bedside table?" as I found them both this morning. Much to my despair I can't find the blogger that initiated this fun little activity but if you want to play along we could just begin here again unless someone else remembers the link?!

I have been pretty organised this week as the kids have been back to school so things are quite ordally, but I imagine that is all about to change as the weekend nears....................

The Rudsters...he loves his hemp handcream, being a tradie and all, rough hands no more, lucky for me and lets not forget his passion for GOLF!  (It could be worse.)

Jewelry stripped off last night in the dark as The Rudster lay sleeping. Had a wonderful night out with the girls, doing our book review of The Other Boleyn Girl. A fascinating read!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

leather shoes

This week in a quest to fulfil some of my dreams I started scouting for handmade leather shoe inspiration and I discovered Spirocreations. Here are some of their amazing handmade leather shoes. Aren't the colours just divine? I thought I might begin first with some plain leather and see how I go dying it with vegetable dye...very basic stuff....just going to cook up some beets and see how the colours takes.

For more fabulous creations be sure to check out
Have a great day everyone!
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