Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sparkling Blue

I need to be near W-A-T-E-R!

My new planet is on order

I love the cut glass

I know, silly!

my 3 favourite blues

For any of you who don't know I am crazy about the water, whether it be by the seaside, lakefront, stream, tarn or ice feed river (oh I don't do the Murray eek!) so when I found this little beauty the other day at the op-shop I immediately wanted to dive straight in as it looks like an entire planet of sparkling blue water. Needless to say it instantly had a home and would be much cherished by moi. 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

West Coast of NZ

      Our thoughts and prayer to our dear brothers and the families in Greymouth who have suffered an enormous loss. Such a tragedy for those men whose livelihood and survival relied on the precious resource of coal.  

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Feels like I'm stalling but I'm not

Kind of feel like I am moving in slow motion today but I can't be! Have some really big decisions to make at the moment so I feel a little clouded...that must be what it is. I cut out 4 more bags this afternoon and hope to sew them together tonight as The Rudster is cooking me dinner...divine! I plan to take photos when the rain stops and list them in my shop next week...fingers and toes crossed!

Olive leather, silk velvet and linings

Tan leather, silk velvet and linings

Black leather and plaited belt for handles

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What do you know...bags with handles, yay.

     Today the handles went onto 4 of my bags for my Etsy store. Thanks to Willy Wag-tail for your wonderful suggestion it was a breeze compared to wrestling with the  machine last week.

Bag no.1

I was also spoilt by "Rosehip" last week who gave me a pressie I have never received before! It was a beautiful hankerchief and is absolutley divine. Along with it came a message (not to be revealed) but very much appreciated....I'm feeling the love. The colours are gorgeous and the bird is my happy place for today.


delighful bird

funky ladies

 Oh, and I must'nt forget Lisa's incredible desserts she served last week after our lunch date. Simply put, magnificent!

lemon tirimisu

chocolate torte and reisling jelly were all divine....i'm not looking in the mirror this week! I'm in total denial ....

Friday, November 19, 2010

What's on Your Wall and Happy Hour Combo

I was rearranging Ky's room the other day trying to dress it up a bit as he has an assortment of things in there. All of his snowboards, helmets, boots, googles and other necessary equipment for the slopes including tools to readjust snowboards and boots, spare parts for just in case, etc....you get the picture, half workshop, part sleeping quarters. Anyway's I was wiping down his pictures and had a warm fuzzy feeling come over me when I saw this one. (below)

Eleesa's tapestry/cross stitch

His room is also home to some lovely ladies


Sunsets in Hawaii are incredible

One of my yummiest friends made the tapestry/cross stitch for Kyland when he was really young. I think he was only 3 or 4. I remember when she gave it to us and loved it then and love it even more now as it has sentimental value and was handmade with lurve.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Progress at Elk and Antler

I just made myself the milkiest instant coffee with a spoonful of sugar which I never ever do but it was so yummy! My back is aching and my little fingers are so sore from cutting through leather jackets and pushing pins through when needed. I almost died when I saw the time....2.23pm. I haven't even eaten today I have been so absorbed with my projects and the sound of the drizzling rain has been beautiful, oh and yes my boy is home "sick" so COD has been in the background. Nothing like a battlefield in your living room....so soothing for the soul....NOT!

1st break today at 2.23pm

Lining done minus the handles though

Outside view of previous picture

This one is finished and I already have a buyer

My version of a satchel

This is my favourite

Inner of my favourite is a heavy flannel and silk scarf for pocket

Arm of jacket for handles are proving to be very difficult to assemble.

Loving my baskets, so handy

Satchel inner

Everything is running pretty smoothly considering I am only 3 days into production. My biggest challenge is the handles. They are really tricky. I may have to take a trip to the op-shop and recycle some leather straps off of some bags to help me along sometimes. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Anyways, lights out at Elk and Antler till next week. (if I can keep myself away that is) I don't really do the "taking it easy" thing, but time for an early weekend for me. Lunch in the city tomorrow at girlfriend's house, market for dinner tomorrow night, bbq with great friends on Saturday and The Beach at Semaphore on Sunday...time to tan up a bit I think. Don't forget What's on your wall? over at The Textured Leaf tomorrow and Happy Hour over at Dorothy Bill's.

Remember to tell everyone that you love in your life how much you adore them!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Elk and Antler

                         This week I opened my account at Etsy. My label is Elk and Antler. Needless to say my shop hasn't opened yet but production has begun and the stock is on it's way.                         Monday was a big day as I sourced all of my materials.
                      Below is my first bag minus the label and handles...work in progress.

Upcycled leather come bag still in progress

Inner pocket and lining

2nd bag

With pocket and lining

To be a clutch/ purse made from a bomber jacket

Cut pieces ready to be sewn

This is silk velvet and olive suede

This was a Laura Ashley suede skirt picked up at the op-shop

More cut-outs

              These are just a few. I have cut out 13 this morning and havn't quite got a method to  the madness yet but plan on finishing the two I have sewn up and will most likely start the linings later on today.           

Patchwork...this bag is quite large and soft

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