Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Warmth

I don't know about you but this morning the air just smelt so beautiful! There is warmth in the air and everything changes, the smells, the sounds, the air. We opened up the french doors in our bedroom early this morning, real early. Hot french pressed coffee in bed to get us going for the day!

                         Even hunting for dry kindling this morning was a success.

So after studying colour palettes in Design School yesterday I somewhat felt insprired to tackle one of my clothes racks to colour co-ordinate them and see what needs revamping, what's staying and what's going.

I'm in a culling kinda mood and that could be interesting to say the least!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ChCh Snow Fall

So this is what good friends of ours woke up to yesterday in Christchurch. I remember these days....ones cherished! No-one would be in a hurry to get anywhere THIS morning. It would be one of those days when hot chocolates, long strolls by the river and snow ball fights galore would take precedent over anything else. That's just how things roll in CHCH.

                                 And you guessed school today! PITY THAT!

                                                  I'll be seeing those happy feet soon!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Embers are my best friend at the moment! How about you? My long awaited wood arrived today and yes you guessed it, I spent a big chunk of my afternoon after witno barrowing the pile from the driveway to the front door! It's the worst stacked pile I've ever done but my energy was pretty non-existant and it did get stacked and isn't sitting in the rain!

I love my garden in winter when all the trees reveal their skeletons and the bulbs emerge adding colour and life to the garden, the smells of blue gum and of stoked fires wafting across the sky. Even the galahs were flocking about my place for a while.

After hours outside I was craving these! I couldn't eat them but, ended up having to juice them which was equally as gooood!


Monday, July 25, 2011

Bivouac Fabrics

K....well Avy and I could barely contain ourselves when we stepped into Savers on Friday and spotted more than half a dozen gorgeous bedspreads and vintage fabrics on the racks. I can't believe that no-one buys them. There were too many there to choose from and my little basket was very quickly upgraded to a trolley!

This is one of Spotlights "Vintage" fabrics they have in their new range.

This is an original velvet dressing gown which I have been able to cut cushions out of and save pieces for Avalon's quilt.
All of these are being sewn up today for Avalon's bivouac. I've dropped the kids off at school, vacuumed, hung the washing out, mopped the floors, opened up the house, put a beanie on as it's rather chilly and am set to start sewing right after I make myself a mango smoothie for brekky. Oh, I also bought the canvas to use as a ground cover and need to put the eyelets in today so that we can peg them down into the ground.
Hope you are all having a great productive day too!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Study Zone Reborn

This week sees me heading back to college and although I have enjoyed the break I'm really looking forward to going back. This semester sees me studying Construction Technology, Site Surveying and Drafting Office Administration. I've lightened the load for this half of the year.

 Somehow I managed AUTOCAD on my laptop which was really ridiculous but I perservered with it. My da offered to build up a computer for me and it's arrived and has a new home in my space reserved for studying.

 I'm quite happy with it. I have all of my favourite "things" around me, it's light and near the kitchen, nice and close for pots of Formosan Tea throughout the day!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our Mountain Retreat

Spring is looming and so is our desire to be camping in the mountains once again. Many plans have been spoken of over warm spiced honey mead and are set in motion for long weekends away in the alpine back country. Today I started sewing our hide-away out of vintage bedspreads and curtains. Sooooo much more fabric is needed than I first thought, hence a trip to Savers tomorrow to finish off my first shelter which was so inspired by this fabulous photo from Anna's blog over at

Of course one won't suffice as Avy will need one for herself and her "merry magnolias" as well, but we have
figured out all of the camping gear can easily all fit into the car now as these fold into absolutely almost nothing and as for Ky he is a star at making up his "bivvy" so is all sorted.
We have done a test run at home and have decided a little velcro may be in order to keep out the creepy crawlies and slitheries! Stay tuned......
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