Tuesday, September 27, 2011

YTT update

Some time has lapsed since last Monday.....life is a full on roller coaster and not a spare moment to sit and write but I found one just now!

Out YTT experience at the Entertainment Centre was so positive....Channel 10  were so professional and gracious, super organised and our audition came and went ever so quickly. I was expecting chaos, confusion, noise and a very long drawn out day but we were in the car and home by 11am.

Avalon was so cool, calm and collected. I was super intrigued by all of the going-on's of life working as a crew member for Channel 10. I love seeing how things go-on behind the scenes, going backstage into the recording studios was a real hoot. YTT's co-host Rob Mills mingled in amongst all of us and all of the photographers, stylists, camera-men and roadies were all so gracious and really friendly and down to earth. Not what I was expecting at all so we were pleasantly surprised and came away buzzing!

one happy munchin after a "fantastic" audition
SO, THE. AUDITION! Avalon and I were called through to one of the recording studio rooms. ( I didn't go in, just sat at the door outside with a crew member.) INSIDE were 2 judges and a camera-lady.

They asked Avalon a few questions to relax her (not that she needed it!)  and away she went singing a verse and chorus of Jar of Hearts. I had goosebumps and when that happens I just know, not that I'm being biased but they are always my indicator of something special!

Anyways, one of the judges says, "that was FANTASTIC!" Thats's gotta be good right?!
On the judges table were 2 piles. One was a pile of white A4 paper and the other A4 Gold Card. Avalon was handed the Gold Card which reads below:

the coveted A4 piece of gold card
 We didn't realise how cool this was until we started walking down the corridor and one of the crew asks Avalon, "How did you go?" and Avalon says. "Good", and shows her the card, and she says, "OH WOW!"

Rob Mills is so "down to earth" and doesn't really look quite like that!
So now we wait.....whatever the outcome it was a positive experience and the audition process was great for my little bubbalou to experience. She's already my SHINING STAR  and I LURVE her to bits.

the new fringe

Monday, September 19, 2011


The long anticipated wait is finally here....tomorrow to be precise!

Avalon is auditioning for YTT at The Entertainment Centre tomorrow and is singing Jar of Hearts........butterflies and MAJOR excitement all round!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

it's happening....

Today my boys both started their induction course at TAFE and have joined me with their very necessary little white cards to get us set on our way with our new venture. We are at cross roads it seems and our time spent living overseas has given us direction and clarity. It's a long term venture but a good one at that which gives us freedom and choices...that's how we see things anyway. It's a great big wide world out there waiting for each of us to partake in. We aren't settling for the "norm". It's just not us and we are finally at peace and looking forward with great excitement at what lies ahead for us and our family.

Hence the need to brainstorm this weekend, now we know the direction we are heading. Rudy has just sold his "old" work car, now we can fit out our new commercial vehicle and get the show on the road! Ky and Avy are helping us with design concepts for a business name, logo, letterheads and cards.

I'm really into the swing of technical drafting now and gaining confidence. It has challenged me beyond, beyond but I am actually capable and I am loving what I am achieving.Without blowing my trumpet I noticed I was "on the way up" the other day as the "cool design boys" were checking out MY work and asking ME how to do things! Can you imagine that?

Next year is more about tapping into the creative side once I get passed The Timber Framing Code.
Sketching, Building Design Concepts and Sustainable Living are the main focus.

Sorry these photos should have come after the blog below but I'm a little topsy-turvy being Friday and all...it has nothing to do with Mojitos I promise!

My gran had many a bag like these in her Indo inspired home

My Rudy bought me these beautiful daisies weeks ago and they are still making me smile!

Now in between all of the madness and all of the craziness that life throws our way I will never give up my preoccupation with op-shopping! My favourite little haunt at the moment is Aggies. It never disappoints me. I go in there looking for a certain thing and always come out with completely the unexpected.....that's what I love about op-shops. The unknown!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

annabel langbein

Today I received a phone call from NZ reminding me of Annabel's wonderful seasonal recipes. I used to work for her on her organic farm in Dublin Bay, Lake Wanaka. Working on her property was so rewarding, really hard work but very satisfying. I can't remember where I have written about this before but I used to have this beautiful black bird that would join me when I was working in the terraced gardens. He would hop around beside me all day long, just keeping a foot's length away from me....I was always scared I would step on him. Some weeks were busy at the cottage with Annabel's entourage as she was filming her TV series there and beautifully decadent smells would waft from within the cottage out into the garden. When she wasn't at the cottage (as she is based in Auckland) I would often be all by myself on her secluded 23 acre property so my little black bird was very good company. I think he felt the same way too. As I would be digging away worms and bugs would be uncovered and quickly snatched up by him.

Annabel is featured on The Cover of Woman's Weekly this month. It's the NZ edition so it might be hard to come by here but look out for it as her recipes are worth having in your collection of favourites.

Her little cottage is raw and organic in style. Lots of linen on her beds, beautiful rugs laid out on the timber floors and vintage china through her plywood kitchen. Very simplistic. She would always leave coffee beans for me and a special tin high up on the shelf with her gorgeous fruit cake inside...perfect for a refuelling after long days in the garden.

Check out her website at www.annabel-langbein.com/

I've really needed inspiration as far as stocking the pantry and fridge. Aaron has been cooking lots lately as I just can't get my head around meals at the moment so this little reminder has been so refreshing for me and I'm heading off to Hahndorf tomorrow after finishing a few drawings to stock up on organic fruit, vegies, cheeses, breads and yogurts. Hope you feel the same as I do after reading some of her recipes. Have a great Friday!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Noite Owt!

Milk and Honey's Post.

The other night Tyler and I went out for a good time at The Gov Adelaide to see the wonderful KIMBRA~!

I got some great inspiration and had an AMAZANG time. I arrived at Tylers and started getting ready at 2:30pm and, yes, being girls, finished at 6:00pm. The supporting acts were Fire! Santo Rosa, Fire! and Husky and yes, us being cool like saw the members previously while having dinner at The Gov and got a little "hey" from them while they were playing. They were so good and one of the lead singers reminded me of my dear cousin Zjhalli and made me miss her! Will get to see you soon :D


Supporting acts Husky and Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! Were absolutely amazing just downloaded their album <3

The list of songs/program for Kimbra which we grabbed off the stage at the end of the show :)

My Nights Out

The other night Tyler and I went to KIMBRA! She's
My ticket to KIMBRA!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


One of our favourite kiwi songwriter/singers is about to perform tonite in Adelaide...girls night out! Have a good one sweeties!

                                                   She just oozes feminity and pzazz............

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Last week I finally got around to sanding back my dining table which I have wanted to do for years now. I've never liked the colour pine goes after a stain...too orange for me. This is it in it's raw state...I'm still yet to oil or wax or something, not sure yet but at least I'm part way there with it. I forgot how much I love electric hand tools too!!! I was a buzz with the sanders and at one point was even twirling around the different sides of the table in the crisp not so spring air!

                                               I now have a place for my blue glass from Finland

 And the lemons are from a lovely elderly Italian couple from St. Marys that Aaron did a small job for. Every morning and afternoon he would be graciously made an espresso coffee served with homemade Italian shortbreads and I would get bags of yummy fresh fruit....these are the juiciest lemons EVER!

I'm going to tackle the dining chairs hopefully before our move so that they have lovely new covers on them for the new house. It's just a matter of sourcing the fabrics. I've been very inspired by http://www.lamaisondannag.blogspot.com/ something scandinavian and funky. I love her stylized blue print of a dog on heavy cotton and her use of colour or lack thereof?! Hey I have 8 chairs so anything could be produced here....

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday's Edition

You may have noticed I have a little side-kick who would like to add her two bob's worth every so often so I am now A Childhood of Nectarines with milk and honey and we are Evee and Avy. I must warn you she is random and will be wacky but I look forward to reading and musing some of the Diaries of Avalon!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Things in my world.....

Hey, it's Avy, all you out there I am just hijacking my dear mothers blog.
I was full after my Oompa Loompa Toast :D

Don't mind if I do.....

Too bad I'm not hungry.....

Just.....leave her to it..........

Being cool kids.

That's what I call 'Barking Up The Wrong Tree".

Just cos.
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