Monday, April 23, 2012

busy queen bee...

I've been one of the busiest queen bees on The Peninsula last term with this amazing design course of mine! It all culminated in a Client Presentation last Thursday at Pier 10, a local winery in Shoreham.

Putting it in the simpliest of terms my brief was to design a modern Surf Life Saving Club on the Dromana Foreshore. It is to be environmently friendly and sustainable.

Lots of sustainably grown timber, stone and glass was my option. The glass below won't have framing, it will be frameless,  just couldn't get program to do it for me (still learning, da!)

It will be sitting on screw piles so as not to impact the delicate dune system that exists and to allow the little critters a natural pathway to travel through.

So building 1 is an Observation Tower which is cantilevered, with boat storage underneath. This connects to a Multi-Function Room via a glass bridge walkway. Ground floor is the Main Entry with a fire place and bathrooms and the end building is a cafe/kiosk.

If you click on the image you will get a better picture.

 These were my posters for the 30 minute Client Presentation. My heart was pumping out of my chest but what a satisfying achievement. To top it off Ange was staying with us and so we had a celebratory dinner in the evening with lots of home-made Sangria! Love having my sister in town..

So here it is, for your eyes only. Remember it's a concept at the moment with changes needing to be made to window placements, length of the bridgeway. (have yet to meet with the structural engineer this week which will determine this)

This term is all about the structural elements and drawings and everything that needs to come together to submit a commercial building into Council. Not sure when I will see you all again but hopefully soonish! x


  1. Missed you out here in the net but looks like it has been a worthwhile project. All the best. Cherrie


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