Monday, March 5, 2012

red hill delights....

there are many amazing places on the peninsula but one of them would have to be up in red hill. it's simply delightful. apart from all of the wineries, breweries, orchards and glass blowing studios there are many gorgeous homes set on beautiful parcels of land. we have friends from england who have built a place in such a place and we frequently get to enjoy the surroundings.

the kids particularly love swimming in the dam although Sunday was a little too nippy for the girls but the boys didn't hesitate.

 every corner of the property has litttle delights like the wood shed made out of what else but wood of course, da!

 dinners are always about fresh veggies from the garden and beautiful meats char-grilled on an open flame

 funny boy issac lord

 torturing randall

Hope you all had a good as one as we did!


  1. Look at I saacs muscles. he's almost all growed up now. Your picture of the wood is so perfect I can smell the gum everytime I look at it. Thanks for sharing. Cherrie

  2. You are welcome Cherrie. It is such a lovely would appreciate it and yes the boys have grown soooo much! xx


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