Monday, February 13, 2012

foot-stool fun.......

Thursday is my day for creating as I'm studying full time this year and it's my day at home, so this is what I did last week. I've had this walnut cloth sack for a few weeks now and haven't known what to do with it. Avalon loves all things ''English" and I knew she would be delighted with the sterling symbol. You see these and coffee sacks in most of the Vintage Warehouses here lying on the concrete floors in piles and I love the rawness
 of them.


 As I really like my retro foot stool underneath I simply added elastic to the edges, kind of like a slip cover so I can still mix up the looks.

                                                     The last of my beautiful pears...


  1. Beautiful. Was your machine happy sewing the sacking? I bought a coffe sack at Roselle Markets a year or more ago with the idea of making something but keep being turned off by the roughness. At least I have a sack for if I ever get bogged out country witno. Cherrie

  2. Love it! And love the velvet chair too. Is that new?

  3. Hi Cherrie. I chose the softest one I could find and it sewed like a treat, just lots of extra stitching cause they unravel sooo easily. They are so versatile too and I think I will keep collecting for storing charcoal and other bulk items.
    And hi Lisa...I scored a pair of chairs from a sister in our cong who is an interior designer and her whole front room is full of her designs and pieces of furniture. I'm planning to recover them as they are a little too regal like this for me but they have made our space here at home really functional.xx


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